Program Philosophy

We at Rabbit Creek Elementary School, School Age Child Care (SACC) program believe that we are here for the child. We believe that school-age children have the capacity to make intelligent choices with the help of creative, nurturing adults. We believe that school-age children need to make choices and we encourage them to do so. We believe that we are equal partners with parents and teachers in the development and growth of children. We believe that children can act appropriately in non-stressful situations and we will provide many challenging, safe and successful opportunities for them to do so. In this regard, however, we believe that children that do not act appropriately should receive appropriate consequences for their actions. In all cases we define "appropriate behavior" as: respect to adults and peers and their property, including personal space; good manners and appropriate language; control of their bodies including mouth, hands and feet.

RCCA's Mission and vision

The vision of the Rabbit Creek Community Association is a private non-profit corporation that was formed in 2004 to provide child care for school age children and pre-school programs that are responsive to the changing needs of the children, parents, staff and community. 

The mission of the Rabbit Creek Community Association is to support the community by providing safe, fun and nurturing child care in a learning environment.